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Add Value and Space to your home with an Extension or Conversion.

J Doyle Construction is the perfect company to help you achieve the extension of your dreams. We work closely with designers and architects to create a better future for our clients by making their dreams possible. Extensions and conversions are two great options, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Extensions are great if you want more versatility, but conversions may be what works best for your needs depending on how much change you’re looking for. Therefore, it is essential to do your research before choosing one. To learn more about which one is right for us, take the time to read below!

The extension has many benefits, such as adding new rooms or sections to existing buildings without having to costly demolish the old structures and retaining the same qualities that would have been there if they hadn’t been enlarged.

Building Extensions

Extend your home

Is your family growing up? Need some extra space? Don’t know where to store everything? Would you like to relax more easily? These questions may lead you to want to push the walls of your house or even change your home completely…

But have you ever thought of having an extension? When you want to expand your home, the first and most important aim is to gain a few square meters of living space, whether horizontally (by extending the house structure for a new room) or vertically (by building one or more supplementary floors), property expansion has several benefits.

First of all, a house extension means adding extra space to your property. Due to the fact that an extension will require additional space initially, they are only suitable for homes with gardens or outdoor space to extend into. The size of the extension will depend on the space you have available. If you have enough land surrounding your home, then you can add a fully functional room.
Adding an extension to a house can be an easy and relatively cheap option. It also provides numerous advantages. In fact, not only gaining square footage is an advantage of a house extension, but you can also use a house extension to make a room more comfortable and practical by reconsidering and reorganizing your interior. Extending a room or building a new one is up to you! According to your needs and particularly your wishes, you choose what option suits you the best.
You can also raise the resale value of your home by increasing the number of square feet in one or many of the key rooms (kitchen, dining room, living room). Based on your desires, we are ready to listen and help you plan and build the extension with the least amount of disruption for you and your daily life to fit into your existing structure and provide the lifestyle features you need. Whether it’s a large comfortable family room or a simple cosy bedroom with an en-suite bathroom, J Doyle Construction will offer you a warm living space that matches your initial requirements. In addition, an extension on an old building can reinforce its character or, on the contrary, give it a contemporary touch. This is an undeniable asset to facilitate the sale of your property.
However, there is a slight disadvantage of extending a room. This is that planning permission may be needed. It will obviously depend on the size of the extension; for some cases, it will not be required. Most of the time, if it’s more than 40sq m, then you will need to apply for planning permission. Due to this reason, one of the most popular extensions among our clients is a rear extension of fewer than 40sq m as a single or two-storey extension. There are certain restrictions regarding extensions that you need to be aware of when considering this option. For instance, if you wish to spread the 40 sq m over two floors, you will need planning permission. It can be a more expensive option, and it will also take longer than a conversion.

Among all the options considered by our clients, we find various reasons or circumstances for which a client decides to extend their house. The arrival of a baby is one of the most common reasons. Considering an extension allows the couple to build an extra room in order to have their own private space. The installation of an office to improve telecommuting advantages, especially with the crisis of covid that we are facing right now, is also another reason. Or to benefit kids with a family room to play and rest.
In summary, it’s a brilliant idea to enlarge your home to make more space for your family. No need to move out of your house when you can renovate it! J Doyle has all the skills and experience needed to plan and manage these significant projects. It has been proven that J Doyle Construction is one of the 20 most professional house extension companies in the area. Don’t know what kind of extension to build? No problem, we listen to your needs and desires and find the best solution adapted to your needs. Regardless of your decision on your extension project, the result is worthwhile and will leave you genuinely surprised. Remember that investing in real estate is one of the most profitable, and if you sell your property, you will recover up to 75% of its value. Please check out our portfolio of pictures of our previous projects to have an idea of our work, and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.
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If you don’t have space around your house, we can arrange a space to make it more useful. For example, maybe instead of the cluttered attic or the storage room that never opens, why not turn them into something like an art studio? There are plenty of other conversion possibilities, too, including turning unused spaces in your home into additional living spaces!

Convert a part of your home into invaluable new area

Building Conversions

Rethink and Convert

If you’ve been thinking about converting your garage into a new bedroom or living space, then read on! Converting your garage can offer many different opportunities. Some of them include another bedroom or living space, while others turn the attic into a spare room or more storage that you can use in the most efficient way with what you already have at home!

The best part is that the conversion doesn’t require permission from planners and will also be cheaper than an extension – not to mention it’s faster to do, too. It also allows you to optimize the space you already have in your home without changing the exterior. You can turn your garage into anything you want!

Converting an attic can add valuable storage or bedroom space, but aside extension could make more sense for the money. Sometimes the quickest and least disruptive option is to convert a garage. A significant benefit to choosing this form of conversion is that you don’t need planning for its use change. In a lot of circumstances, a garage conversion will also give you more space per square metre than converting your attic. The cost of converting either a garage or an attic will depend on if you have to raise the ceiling.
Some house types are easier to adapt to an attic than others. For an extension to work, the ceilings need to be at least 2.4m high. The area also needs to extend across the attic for at least 2.4m for the space to conform to fire regulations. It can be a lot easier to convert a bungalow attic due to the fact that the ceiling may be higher. With both attic and garage conversions, you lack the flexibility to build the shape and size you want or need.
There are many areas of your home that you can convert into new usable space. Converting your garage and attic is the most popular option these days because it costs a lot less than other options, such as building a whole new room or buying an entirely different house in order to accommodate more people in the family. Many homeowners start by converting their garages, as they are already integrated spaces that do not require any significant work, such as adding another floor. It’s never too late to transform your garage into something new; the possibilities are endless!

Name: J Doyle Construction Kerry Address: No, 7 Carraig Dún, Ballymacprior, Killorglin, Co. Kerry, V93 T658, Ireland Phone: +353877616574 Facebook: Twitter: GMB:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Building a conservatory adds a luxurious space to your home where you can relax. You can feel like you are outside while being protected from the weather or insects and enjoying the view of the garden.
Today, you can easily enjoy your garden view without having to worry about anything, thanks to new energy-efficient glazing technologies. For example, there is ‘Activ’ self-cleaning glass, which automates maintenance and temperature control systems so that your spacious home extension is comfortable and allows you to relax without having to control anything. We can move on-site to design your conservatory that will best suit your house structure and budget. All the conservatories are designed and built to the customer’s requirements.

It is not difficult to tie in an extension to the existing house and make it look as if it was always part of the original build. We have completed many extensions and can discuss with you all the necessary elements of the extension.

If you are planning an extension to your house then you will need planning permission if the extension is more than 40sq metres.

The term ‘en suite’ is the French word that means “following”. While you could argue that en suite can be described as one room being situated after another room. Instead in English, the word “en suite” was adapted into the English language to mean “in the room” or “connected.” An ensuite room is now thought of as a room that has a toilet in the room and comes with either a shower and/or bath.

These are some ideas on how to improve the exterior of your house:

It’s important not to completely change the exterior of the house. If you can enhance the exterior in the right way, then it can significantly improve your home’s facade in a positive manner. Some of the following are cost-effective ways to improve the exterior of any home.
Add a covered entrance. A bit of cover overhead is welcome, especially with the weather we experience in Ireland. I say that a covered entrance can also do wonders in improving the exterior of a home…
Change your front door. If you pick a door of a different style, it can make a significant impact on the front exterior of your house. You may wish to consider choosing a new door that incorporates panes of glass. Glass can leave in light to the hallway and brighten it up considerably. You should also search for a door that matches the style of your home but has more detail.
Add a gate. A wooden fence paired with a wood or metal gate can add a presence to your home’s exterior. When accompanied by landscaping in the garden, it can make a remarkable difference to the appearance of the house.
Redo your driveway. When considering the exterior of the house, the driveway is something that not many may notice. This is if it’s in great shape. On the other hand, if it is badly kept or if it does not match your existing home exterior, then it could be dragging down your home’s appearance.

Most of the time, if it’s more than 40sq m, then you will need to apply for planning permission. Due to this reason, one of the most popular extensions among our clients is a rear extension of fewer than 40sq m as a single-storey extension.

House Extension Ideas Kerry

House Extension Ideas

Here are some photos to give you inspiration when considering a house extension, we have many more House Extension Ideas to share with you, so please get in touch if you are interested.